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This course will teach you everything you need to start your own Digital Marketing Business as a complete beginner!

Whats included?

-Digital marketing course that is easy to follow with a complete beginner in mind

-Business Development, Marketing, Automation, Branding Training

-Complete Ownership over the product

-Lifetime access to ongoing course updates community support

-1-1 Calls from Community Members if needed

-Free Monthly Community Calls for extended Content Strategy help

Best part is there are NO UPSELLS EVER! One time, up-front price and the product is yours upon purchase! You can turn right around and sell it for 100% profits earning your return investment and continuing to make profits with every sale.

These are the topics discussed in a self-paced, step-by-step format to get you started! Check this out:

Module 1: Getting Started

Module 2: Introduction to Digital Entreprenurialism

Module 3: How to Setup Automation in Your Business

Module 4: Optimize Your Sales Process

Module 5: Email Marketing

Module 6: Branding Expansion

Module 7: Content Strategy

Module 8: SEO Training

Module 9: Success Mindset

Module 10: Platforms to Market On

Module 11: Business Tools

Module 12: Passion Building


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